Learn How To Create A Marriage That Lasts A Lifetime!
how Would You Like To Learn The Secrets To Creating A Holy Marriage That Doesn’t Just Survive…
Learn From Over 60+ Married Catholic Speakers To Enrich Your Relationship On The Catholic Engaged Summit!
Disclaimer: This event is NOT intended to fulfill your diocesan pre-cana requirements. Contact your parish/diocese for more information to fulfill your Catholic marriage prep. This event is just a supplement for your relationship development!

The Catholic Engaged Summit

Dear Future Bride & Groom,

Have you ever thought...
“What are the secrets to creating a holy marriage that doesn’t just survive… but thrives?”
As Catholics, we believe that marriage is a lifelong covenant.

But the reality is, marriages & families are STILL falling apart despite knowing this information…

You might have experienced this yourself:
- Being raised in a broken family
- Not having great role models to learn form
- Having experienced toxic relationships in the past

And through these experiences, we learn unhealthy relationship patterns that start to show our relationships. But if we don’t learn how to break these patterns & habits before marriage, your relationship could fall apart.

So, you might be wondering...

“What do I NEED to un-learn AND learn to make sure my future marriage lasts a lifetime?”
You are not alone... We asked ourselves these same questions...

Our names are Raphy & Sara Feolino, we’re certified relationship coaches & wedding planners, and are the founders of Journey to Marriage.

We empower couples to create holy and healthy relationships before marriage through relationship coaching.
We’ve coached couples who are in intentional courtships and engagements all around the world, helping them break unhealthy relationship patterns and learn our signature relationship frameworks, equipping them with the strategies & skills they need to create a holy & healthy relationship they truly desire.

We believe creating a holy marriage that lasts a lifetime can be learned. However, it takes more than just checking a box going through a pre-cana online course or weekend retreat...

Don’t get me wrong, pre-cana gives a great overview and foundation for our relationship and our future marriage…

But what is often missing is “HOW” to implement the firehose of information we get from pre-cana, into our relationship.

The statistics say that 40-50% of marriages end in divorce…

Divorce rates have spiked in the U.S. during this COVID-19 pandemic as couples have been stuck at home for months…

We’re seeing that most couples aren’t equipped with the strategies, skills, and frameworks they need to overcome the challenges of marriage.

And that fact drove us crazy… mainly because God desires for us to create holy, thriving, and LIFELONG marriages.

So, we embarked on our journey to learn the secrets, habits, strategies, and practical frameworks from experts and holy couples around the world...

We interviewed 60+ married Catholics that have created strong & holy marriages that inspired us...

People who specialize in areas of marriage such as:
  • Natural Family Planning (Creighton, Marquette, Billings, NeoFertility, Sympto-Thermal)
  • Catholic Spirituality
  • Financial Management
  • ​Healthy Communication & Conflict Resolution
  • Military Life & Marriage
  • Catholic Parenting
  • Chastity
  • ​Understanding husband and wife roles
  • ​And much more...
Here is the question we asked all our experts, to see if they could help us pinpoint the secrets we needed to understand how to create holy marriages that thrive:

Hey (Insert Holy Couple’s Name),

If you were to go back to your engagement, having experienced ALL of the challenges that you’ve experienced in marriage, what would you have done to better prepare your relationship?

-Raphy & Sara Feolino

We wanted to know EXACTLY the virtues, habits, skills we should be working on developing before our wedding day so we can be ready to take on the challenges that married life has in store for us.

We reached out to inspiring holy married couples and asked them if they would be willing to share their experience and expertise that can help you on your journey to marriage.

We were absolutely thrilled by the response we got, and most were willing to make the time to share this information with all of us.

Their advice for how to live out holy marriages INSPIRED us. We kept being humbled by realizing there was so much we didn’t know when it came to learning everything we needed to create a lifelong marriage.

Their advice was raw, honest, and backed with experience. This wisdom changed our lives, and we are SO excited to pass it on to you.

The Truth Will Set You Free...

...we discovered that the skills, virtues, and strategies you need to create a holy & lifelong marriage that THRIVES…

Conflict, Miscommunication, Impurity…

so much of the relationship difficulties that we suffer from is because we don’t take the time to understand how relationships really work. Increasing our self-awareness leads to FREEDOM!

We’ve both suffered from failed toxic relationships from our past. It’s been a long journey of healing for us, and that’s why we want to only share what works.

We’ve felt the pain of unresolved conflict, resentment, impurity, and miscommunication in our past relationships. 

We are grateful to share that we can truly say that the insights we received from these married couples are truly helpful, especially for those of you who are on the journey to marriage.

After interviewing over 60+ married Catholics, they left us TOTALLY CONVINCED, that ANYONE, as long as they diligently applied these secrets found in these interviews, could truly create holy & healthy marriages that thrive.

And then it hit us...

We MUST share this with everyone.

Anyone Who Desires To Break Unhealthy Relationship Patterns And Learn New Ones To Create A Holy Marriage That Lasts A Lifetime… 

Needs These Interviews.

At first we were planning on selling them…

But knowing how much they are truly worth and how much we’d have to charge if we were to sell them…

We knew that the people who needed them the MOST, wouldn’t be able to afford them.

So it got us thinking…

“What if we locked arms with these holy couples, got them to do a live interview, sharing their expertise and what has worked (and not worked) in their marriage, and put these lessons in the hands of anyone who desired to enter their marriage vocation with confidence?”

So… we asked over 60+ married Catholics about this idea…

Guess what....

They were all on board. 

They felt moved to share everything they knew about marriage with all of you who are on the journey to marriage, to make sure you enter your vocation more confidently.

Everyone Of Them Agreed to Come On A Video Interview And Share With You Their Expertise!

So, WHO were the ones who were so passionate to agree to help serve you at their HIGHEST level... so you can get limited-time access to these interviews!?!

Let Us Introduce You To Your Marriage Mentors!

Christian Meert
Founder of Catholic Marriage Prep
Why Should I Get Married In The Church + Pre-Cana
Jonathan & Amanda Teixeira
Founders of WalletWin
Merging Your Money In Marriage
Patrick Sullivan
President of Evango
Keys To Intentional Catholic Parenting
Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers
Catholic Author, Speaker &Radio Host
Understanding Husband & Wife Roles
Kris & Melissa Buchan
U.S. Neo Fertility Advisor
The Benefits of Charting & Fertility Awareness (NeoFertility NFP)
Pat & Sarah Tramonte
Co-Founder of You Me And NFP
Building & Sustaining Sexual Intimacy (Marquette Method NFP)
Dr. Gretchen Marsh
Catholic Family Physician
Understanding the Creighton Model NFP
Garrett & Megan Faller
Co-Founder of Restore FertilityCare
Why Natural Family Planning Matters
Nathan & Sarah Bartel
Founders of Cana Feast
Developing A Solid Couple Prayer Life
Jim & Kendra Tierney
Founder of Catholic All Year & Host of The Dad Project Podcast
How To Live Liturgically In Marriage
Pierce & Kirsten Toomey
Founder of Catholic Guardians
Setting Healthy Boundaries With Family & Friends
Logan & Jen Lirette
Founders of Surprised By Marriage
Creative Ways To Date Your Spouse
Erin Wolfe Tadich
Real Estate Broker at Wolfe & Co. Realtors
Building & Sustaining Sexual Intimacy (Marquette Method NFP)
Rhyan & Danielle Ramirez
Inspirational, Catholic Speaker & YouTuber
Trusting in God's Plan TWO-gether
Francine Pirola
Founder of SmartLoving
How To Love Authentically in Marriage
Nathaniel & Sherry Binversie
Host of the Exodus 90 Show: a podcast for men
What Is The TRUE Meaning Of Marriage?
Andrew & Stephanie Calis
Co-Founder Spoken Bride
Living Out Chastity in Marriage
Gonzalo & Maria Escobedo
Founder of Catholic Fit Mom For Life
Faith & Fitness in Marriage
John & Stacey Sumereau
Host of the Called and Caffeinated Podcast
Navigating The First Year of Marriage
Enrique & Marilyn Ortega
Hosts of the Boss Couple Secrets Podcast
Building A Business As A Couple
Jay & Lorena Torres
Instagram's Catholic Boss
How Cohabitation Affected Their Marriage
Levi & Stef Rash
FOCUS Regional Director
Living A Life Of Contribution
Adam & Haylee Minihan
Co-Founder of The Catholic Manshow
Creating A Prayer Life As A Family
David & Pamela Niles
Co-Founder of The Catholic Manshow
Understanding Each Other's Characteristics & Habits
Jason & Mytae Wallace
Blessed Is She Writer
Navigating Ethnic & Cultural Differences
Joshua & Jesica Kapika
Vice President of Hawaii's EPIC Ministry
Building A Strong Community of Holy Friends
Ross & Elizabeth Busby
Hosts of the Discerning Marriage Podcast
How To Resolve Conflict While Upholding Each Other's Dignity
Joe & Anna Lopiccolo
Associate Editor at the Hawaii Catholic Herald
Military Life & Marriage
Will & Katie Panagakos
Youth Minister
Mastering Time Management
Drew & Katie Taylor
Marriage & Family Counselor
Benefits of Setting Goals in Marriage
John & Rosemary MacKenzie
Founders of the Grand Rapids NFP Coalition
Understanding the Sympto-Thermal Method (NFP)
Christy Brown
Certified Billings Ovulation Method Instructor
Exploring The Billings Ovulation Method (NFP)
Nikayla Bautista
Catholic Wedding Photographer
Navigating Pregnancy
Marc-Anthony & Stephanie Bartolomeo
Army Veteran
Raising A Traditional Catholic Family (Latin Mass)

We Want To GIVE You Access 
To All 34 Of These Interviews...

So You Can Learn The SAME Secrets That Propelled Their Success!

We Want To MAKE SURE You Watch AND Implement All Of Their Advice In Your Relationship…

So, We're Going To Give You A Short, 72-Hour Pass Where You Can Watch Them...

Then They Are Gone.

Immerse yourself, take notes, be a sponge…

Knowledge is NOT power; applied knowledge is.

So PLEASE, do yourself and your relationship a favor by implementing what you’ve learned from these 34 interviews…

With the pandemic happening, your wedding might be postponed and in-person pre-cana retreats cancelled…

So what better way to prepare for marriage than an online event, learning from couples who’ve already created the marriages YOU desire, all from the comfort on your HOME!

So that’s it!

Here’s the commitment YOU need to make:

A commitment to SIGN UP…
A commitment to SHOW UP…
A commitment to IMPLEMENT…

Your future marriage depends on these 3 action items.

We can’t wait to see how this summit will change your relationship forever.

Thanks again, and we’ll see you on the inside!

Raphy & Sara Feolino

P.S. Here’s a QUICK recap….

The Catholic Engaged Summit will get you ACCESS to all the interviews world’s inspiring and holy couples, sharing with you the secrets to create a holy marriage that doesn’t just survive… but THRIVES!

You don’t have to waste time, energy and money trying to reinvent the wheel of designing a successful marriage… model those who are already living it out and make it your own!

Well, whatcha waiting for? Get access now!

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